A letter from the head of the household

A letter from the head of the household


For the love of God could someone please call PETA for me. I mean really. My napping rights have been seriously infringed upon. Our human is sick and carrying on something awful with the sneezing and the coughing and whimpering. I’m about ready to haul her off to the vet.

On the one paw this is terribly inconvenient. But on the other paw…there is leftover chicken noodle soup and the chance to whip this place into shape.

Kali finally learned who she should bow down to.

As for Remy, well she knows when to hide.

Well I guess I’d better go check on the human. I tried to convince her that she’s allergic to the dog but she insists it’s just a bad cold. Didn’t hurt to try. This isn’t a dress rehearsal people. We only get 9 lives.

That’s about it for now. Hey…YOU try typing with paws.



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