A word from our sponsor…most likely a shoe store

A word from our sponsor…most likely a shoe store

Hello dear readers. When last we left our blogger she was ranting about a broken keyboard. Alas, she has still done absolutely nothing about getting the laptop fixed. Oh sure, she’ll regale you with stories about being a single mama with a mortgage. Terribly broke. But we all know the truth here. Oh you don’t? Allow me to explain if you will.

The place she needs to go to get the keyboard fixed is Best Buy. Now do you understand? That’s right! They do NOT sell shoes there. However, the mall is conveniently located right next to it. So while she stumbles out the door, laptop in hand and full of good intentions she always ends up turning right when she ought to turn left and ending up with a new pair of shoes. As such, she still can’t afford to get the keyboard fixed. Every “i’ is typed by hitting control v to paste it into place.

I dare not go into detail about all the other things she’s done. Such as that mishap at Arden B, the jewelry celebration as well as the chocolate indulgence. Really, the only shopping spree we can’t fault her on was that trip to home depot to repaint her kitchen just before company came…that one will be a blog in and of itself.

Alas, all good shoe shoppers must eventually visit their children at work, and her daughter just got a job at Best Buy. Never fear, she’ll have on her Steve Madden Turquoise suede pumps when she goes in.


**while searching for the photo of the blue shoes she just acquired our blogger found out that they are also available in red, black, brown and camel.**


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