I’ve become quite the regular at Krispy Kreme. A box of those little sugar laden lard babies can equal a week of shipments. It’s fun to pull into a customer’s parking lot, climb out of the car and see employees peering out the window and salivating. Well at the box of donuts, not me.

In today’s health conscious society you’d think customers would more appreciate a box of bagels, but show up with a box of donuts and they’re like little kids fighting over who gets the sprinkles and who gets the raspberry filling.

Having landed a new customer the afternoon before, I planned on starting the day by delivering donuts as a way to say “thanks” and “keep the orders coming in.” This particular customer was one I’d acquired via phone conversations and emails and I’d never actually met them. I didn’t know how many employees they had, just that I should go to the office and not the warehouse. I picked up 2 boxes so I wouldn’t cause a brawl.

Turned out there were just 3 guys. Three very talkative guys. Donuts can be like booze. Get a few of them down and they spill everything. By the time I left I knew exactly what type of shipments they have on a regular basis, what their business plan was and what the growth trend would be over the next year. Information like that is even sweeter than donuts. J By the time I made my escape I was late for my next appointment, and it was too close to the lunch hour to deliver the extra box of donuts to another account.

I’ve been very well behaved lately. In fact I am pleased to announce I haven’t had a cheezit frenzy in nearly a week. My workouts are going well and I’ve been relatively active. I’m not back in my size 2 stuff yet but my 4’s are getting loose and some of my muscle tone is starting to consider coming back.

As with the rest of the country, Minnesota has been ridiculously hot. Early in the day and already we were in the 90’s. I tell ya, warmed up donuts can really make the car smell yummy. This was not a problem, I have self control. I’d just drop the extra donuts off to my operations people to enjoy later in the day. Gotta keep your coworkers happy too, right? Good decision.

Of course now I wouldn’t have time to stop for lunch. I suppose that since I’d designated the extra box to the office, of which I am also a part, it wouldn’t hurt to have just one. A celebratory donut per se, to reward myself for my new account. Yes, I have EARNED this.

I peered into the box. It was an assorted variety. Score! There was one of the glazed devil’s food cake donuts in there. Oh…but there was also a cinnamon apple filled one with frosting. How to choose? Well apples are healthy. Fruit. I’d go with that. They should really rename these babies “sugar delivery devices.” Within seconds after licking the last of the frosting off my fingers I felt giddy. Sugar high baby, wheeeeeeeee!

I got to thinking. There were only 5 people running ops today. 11 donuts left. Hmmm. That means they would each get two and then there would be a fight over that last donut. Do I REALLY want to be responsible for that? The one to upset the office harmony? That would be wrong of me. I could avoid all the hassle by just eating one more. It was the right thing to do. Mmmmmmmmm. Devil’s food. Muahahaaaaaa.

The day progressed. I had a few odd comments from a couple of my accounts.

“Are you always this happy?”

“Gee Wendy. People usually walk through the warehouse, but you kind of bounce.”

“Been hitting the coffee today girl?”

“Can I have some of what you’re on?”

I was a frenzy of ambition. In between appointments I cold called at as many places as I could. “Hi! HowareyoumynameisWendyandI’mwithLogisticsUnlimited. Couldyouleavethisforyourshippingmanager? Oh,andwhoshouldIfollowupwith?” After I’d repeated myself for the obviously incompetent receptionist I sailed out the door to the next.

Suddenly it was 4:45 and I was at least 30 minutes from the office but just a few minutes from home. Well the donuts would keep til tomorrow. I grabbed the box to bring inside and it felt rather light. Opening the lid I was shocked to see just 4 donuts left. HUH? How did that happen? Well I can’t possibly bring these in now. I’ll just let Krista have them. Who doesn’t like a Krispy Kreme? Of course it would be poor parenting to let her eat 4 of them….



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