Confessions of a 35 year old single woman

Confessions of a 35 year old single woman


Yes that’s right, you heard correctly. Single, NEVER married.

When did “single” become such a bad word? Somewhere between 25 and 30 the word took on new meaning. The proudly proclaimed “Yep! Still single!” became a whispered “yes. why yes I am.”

I’ve been busy. I’ve been raising a daughter for the last 18 years. I haven’t had time. Single mama with a mortgage and all that. She had the nerve to grow into the independent woman I raised her to be. Now what? Suddenly I have all this time.

Now I’ve become a project. Older women from church want me to meet their newly divorced sons. Friends want to invite me to dinner parties where lo and behold, there happens to be a man who is also single. Of course he just happens to be sitting by me.

Apparently it’s not hopeless. Taking matters into my own hands and signing up for personals has introduced me to an entire world of men who can’t WAIT to marry me…if I could just please send the proper airfare to Nigeria.

Lest you think me completely impossible I should mention that I have met a few nice men from personals. Unfortunately the first was older than he said he was (hey what’s 10 years?), the second was NOT over his ex and the third was very sweet..but just got out of a long term relationship and who wants to be rebound girl?

I realize you meet people when you stop trying and least expect it. But they just never seem to knock on my door while I’m reading on the couch. I have to put myself out there in some way, right?

Perhaps my calling in life is to be the “single, never married” woman. I could be the new hit series “Sexless in the city.” There has to be a market for that, right? What do you suppose they’d advertise? If it didn’t work out the network could always marry me off…maybe THAT’s how it’ll happen for me…


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