Don’t let this happen to you…

Don’t let this happen to you…


Dearest Friends,

I know that you have enjoyed a Wendy story or 2 in the past. I’m afraid that this particular story is not of the enjoyment kind, but should serve as a warning of what can happen if you aren’t terribly careful when shopping.

This is what happened to me just before the New Year rang in. A friend invited me to a formal party. Formal? Me? So I went to my other friend Nan immediately for guidance. Nan helped me out by telling me what people have worn to this party in the past. I wrote back that I couldn’t possibly justify purchasing a new party dress. Nan thoughtfully explained that the way a woman can and MUST justify such an expense is by buying something sleek and silky in black that can easily be added to something I already own and worn again and again. She further advised that she had seen items of this specific nature in the Calvin Klein section of Marshall Fields.

Prepare yourself. What happened to me was a tragedy. If I can but help one person from suffering the same tragic experience it shall have been for a good cause…below is the letter I wrote back to Nan about what happened.

Dear Nan,

Armed with my credit card and your fantastic advice on the justification of party dress purchasing I stomped on into Marshall Fields. Turning my nose up at all the frilly temptations I immediately headed for the Calvin Klein section to check out anything and everything in black that could be easily used again and again. Will power? Check. Inventory of closet items that could match something new? Check. Blinders to other sections and bright colors? Check. OH I was so proud of myself! Such discipline!

And then it happened…. *sob* It wasn’t my fault Nan! I was so well behaved! I entered the dressing room with basic black! Truly, can I help it that some shoddy salesperson hadn’t emptied out the dressing room? Could it NOT be argued that there was a reason, no, in fact that it was FATE ITSELF that caused that bright emerald dress with the silver stitching and plunging neck line to be hanging there so beautifully IN MY SIZE? Who am I to argue with fate? I mean really, what was the harm in at least trying it on? Can I help it that it fit so well?

Okay, so it was a ridiculous amount over what I had told myself I could spend. But for God’s sake Nan, it was ON SALE! I stepped out to the 3 way mirror just so that I could remember what it felt like to have on a dress like that. I was not at all prepared for the saleswoman to gasp and say “Oh it’s lovely. You MUST have that dress.” Well now she’s the professional, right? I mean she works right there as a representative of Marshall Fields itself. Me? I am no professional. I think it would be wrong of me to imply that I know any better than her.

So I bought it. *cringe* I know I know. It is a ridiculously obvious color that I will not be able to wear amidst the same company ever again. Therefore the amortization justification can not be applied. I am a weak woman. You should not judge me, but feel pity. It’s quite sad really.

So there you have it. I did not follow your advice. I’d talk further, but the saleslady recommended a fabulous place to find shoes to match the dress. Oh now stop it! Wipe that look off your face! Of course I must find shoes to match perfectly after the ridiculous amount of money I spent on the dress! Why, the whole thing could be ruined otherwise! Then it would all be for naught! (Yes, naught…not naughty. Amazing how one little letter can change the whole context of a thing.)

Okay. See you tonight then? We’ll keep this little chat between us?


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