Inquiring minds want to know

Inquiring minds want to know

Ok so I’m not always that great at answering questions from emails or messages you’ve sent me. Let’s tackle them all at once shall we?

Q: Hey does Jade ever do your hair wacky?
A: Yup. Jade did my hair for a formal I went to and I think I had about 100 bobby pins on my head. Thank God I didn’t have to walk through a metal detector.

Shannon and I doing the little black dress bit last New Year’s Eve.

Q: When are you going to give us more details on HWSNBN?
A: Are you kidding me? You’re asking me to jinx things now that I finally have someone to date? Men have radar for this stuff! The second I would claim it’s all good he’d disappear. I’ve already said way too much. *shudder*

Q: Who is the girl in the lower right corner of your photos?
A: That’s my daughter, Krista. She’s an evil child who had the nerve to actually grow up and leave me an empty nester. (hehe)

Q: What sign are you?
A: Seriously? The quirkiness and such didn’t make it obvious? I’m a Gemini of course.

Q: How can these be recent photos of you if you have a daughter who’s almost 19?
A: I had her when I was 2.

Q: Now that you have a camera can you share a photo of your kitchen?
A: Ummm…oh right! That room people cook in. Sure but you’ll have to write back to tell me why this is important?

No, she’s not supposed to be on the table.

The rules here are so tough. Please send catnip. And tuna.

Q: Do you collect stuff?
A: Besides animal hair? Yes. I love to find books from the 1800’s. I also have lots of elephants around the house but that’s a different blog and waaaay too many photos.

Hopefully this photo is small enough that you can’t see all the hair.

Q: What time do you get up and head to the gym?
A: Preferably around 5 but usually when Remy or Klepto or Kali inform me it’s chow time.

My powerful stare shall wake you. Oh my God it’s 4 am feed me!

Q: Can you post a picture of you in a bikini?
A: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha. No.

Q: Can you post blogs about the stuff you knit?
A: Sure. Anyone really want to see this though?

Ok I think I got all the messages/emails covered. Anything else?


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