My Accounts have been FROZEN!

My Accounts have been FROZEN!

So there I was, minding my own business on the couch and sorting through the days mail. Cause, you know, I should be working. But it’s Friday so back off all you perfect-not-reading-this-blog-from-the-office types. OK?

And then it happened. And those of you who know me know that this is NOT MY FAULT. I do not know how I get put on these mail order catalogue lists. Honest. Can I help it that Victoria’s Secret thinks I’m a woman in need? No. When you think about it, who am I to just toss aside their efforts? These poor people have spent HOURS putting together a catalogue just for people like ME who never knew how badly they needed red boots until they saw them ON SALE and RED and did I mention they are BOOTS and what is up with all the capital letters I feel COMPELLED to use today? Oh, and for those of you wondering? Friday. Proper grammar or reasonable length sentences not required.


Red boots. On sale. Free shipping. From Vickies. We clear? Good. Besides, what with the Christmas shopping and etc (websters dictionary definition for “etc” may or may not list new outfits from Express and the Limited) I may as well just throw a bit more on the ole credit cards. Right? Oh I’m so glad you are agreeing with me! Love you 360ers! Love you!

And as long as the shipping is FREE, well you know? Maybe a few other things as long as I’m ordering. Oh c’mon! This is not for ME people, the other items would be for HWSNBN! So I checked my credit card balance.

PANIC! DESPAIR! Someone has taken my credit cards and gone crazy! Like they decided to just shop until the cows come home. And people? I live in the suburbs. THERE ARE NO COWS. So I clicked on the detail screen to see what the evil thieving shoppers had done and gosh, you know these people shop at all the same places as me! What good taste these thieves have! Oh and look, they bought the same things that I did!

Right. So maybe I need to cut back a bit until I pay these down some. So then I talked to my friend Jen and she said that maybe I should freeze the accounts. So after much stomping back and forth between the VS catalogue (boots! red!) and my online credit card statement I decided to take action. Kali (my dog) was a good support system.

You can do it mom! You can! Freeze those accounts!

Budget management system.

Frozen accounts.

So you know? It’s a new year. And I AM going to take charge of my budget, I am! Or else I could always cruise to the VS store with COLD HARD CASH. In glasses from my freezer and such.

Oh and yes, I have a pretty new camera so my whole life can now be documented for ya.


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