Neurotic/quirky/chitchatty/catlady seeks someone who gets it

Neurotic/quirky/chitchatty/catlady seeks someone who gets it

Being the somewhat neurotic/quirky chick that I am I tend to become friends with people who are either :

A: Amused by my antics
B: Able to tune me out (also known as the smile and nod)
C: Quirky themselves.

I met one of the above categories (we’ll call her “H”) a number of years back. At the time I was a personal trainer and she was a massage therapist. I had won a contest at my gym for highest sales that month and was rewarded with a free session with H. Being the somewhat chitchatty/curious chick that I am I talked during the entire massage and an instant friendship began.

Instant friendships:

2 cups trouble with men
1 cup chattychick
3/4 cup catlover (more is always ok)
1/2 cup unrecognized fame
2 tbsp similar background
Dash of fabulousness (also maybe possibly unrecognized)

*Combine above ingredients and blend with desire to make a difference in the world. Pour into same room and wait 0 seconds. (Like I said, instant)

We talked for hours and we’ve been talking ever since. We’ve been known to go long amounts of time without contact only to get together as if not a day has passed by. H is one of those people that leaves you on your toes because you NEVER know what she’s going to do next. One week she can be all new-agey and running off to see a psychic and then when you call her the next week she can’t talk because she’s busy being her precinct’s election judge. (Grin. Figured out which category from above that she is yet?)

So I should not have been surprised when I got an email from her last year saying she had closed her practice and joined the army. What did surprise me was that that was it! No reason! No information to get in touch! Just…gone. I tried every way I could think of to reach her.

I did online searches:

Google: H
Google: H joins the army
Google: Where the HELL is H?

I called the army.

Me: Hi! Hello! This is Wendy and I’m calling for H. She there?
Army guy: Ummm
Me: You’re a doll. I really appreciate your help. I need to talk to her about a dating fiasco.
Army guy: ??

I went to harass the people at the restaurant below her old apartment:

Me: Which is better, the multigrain pancakes or the buckwheat? And how do I get ahold of H from upstairs?
Waiter: Oh, we don’t know she just kinda disappeared. Real maple or the sugar free?

So as you can imagine much shoe shopping commenced.

Anyways, H got in touch with me the week before Christmas to say she was coming through town to visit. (insert loud screams that sent the cats flying) True to form, when we met at a coffee shop it was as if no time had ever passed. She gets me! Halfway through a sentence she’s already answering because she KNOWS what I’m going to say. When she smiles and nods it’s not a brush off but an “oh my God I did the same thing” acknowledgement.

Could. Not. Love. Her. More!

H is mucho happy for me that I’m dating HWSNBN but of course she knows my luck in the whole dating department (see Webster’s dictionary for hopeless, ironic and also maybe what-was-she-thinking) so she suggested that I consider moving out west and becoming roomies with her in Los Angeles.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. So let the possibilities begin! I already plan to sell my home next fall. I’ve always wanted to live somewhere warmer. The same career opportunities exist for me out there as here. My daughter is all for me living my life rather than calling her every day. (heh) So who knows? Maybe I’ll have a huge reason to stay and maybe I won’t. Time will tell.

So what do you think? Can you take a Southern born, Midwest raised girl and send her to The Valley? Cause y’all I like TOTALLY think I could pull that off. You betcha.


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