Not a blog, just my Sunday as told in photos

Not a blog, just my Sunday as told in photos

Chores can be such a…chore. You know? So it’s great when you get some assistance.

Klepto making sure the laundry doesn’t escape before I put it away.

Klepto assisting with putting away the socks.

With the laundry all done I had plenty of time to relax before heading off to my Aunt’s to celebrate my Grandma’s 89th birthday.

My Grandma and I. To be even a 10th as wonderful as this woman would make me 100% complete.

I spent all day yesterday finishing a blanket I’ve been knitting for her. Unfortunately she’s holding it upside down and you can’t see the stitch pattern. Grandma being Grandma was praising it before she even turned it the right way. ;)

For me? You made this for me?

MY dog is way too big to wrestle down and smash into a sweater, but my Aunt’s dog “Cricket” is a stylin fashionista.

Because we all deserve knitwear!


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