Ode to a Purse!

Ode to a Purse!


I am truly blessed to have not one, but TWO friends who travel to New York for work. When they do I never fail to hint at how lovely it would be to have an official fake purse. Prada…Coach…Gucci…Kate Spade…I’m not picky. My last hinting mission was successful and Shannon deserves to be thanked publicly. She presented me with her fabulous find during a particularly difficult week at work. The moral of the story is to administer fake purses immediately if I look unmotivated. Read on dear friends:

My dearest Shannanna,

It’s cloudy and rainy and I do protest
This work stuff is taking up time from my rest.
The covers look comfy, my cats want me back
To call on a client or just hit the sack?

I beam at the thought that my Shannon would say
Oh crawl right back under, just skip work today.
And that’s when it hit me and made me feel sad
I’m down on my quota and cannot be bad!

So now I feel guilty and sad and depressed
The month end is looming and now I’m all stressed.
Rather than hiding and dreaming I’m wealthy
I’m to get up and take actions all healthy.

I have to get ready and face a whole day
Of calling on clients with nothing to say.
To make matters worse I feel fat and poochy
Then I looked up and I saw my new Gucci!

So now I’m all happy and charged to head off
The girl with the gucci! Oh don’t you dare scoff!
So classy! Successful! A woman of means!
To hell with the suit I can sell them in jeans!

My bag at my side I shall charge through their door
While shouting out slogans and pricing and more!
Today is MY day and with just this last verse
I’m off to attack it while wielding my purse!


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