Off on a tangent…I mean trip!

Off on a tangent…I mean trip!

So despite my earlier “issues” with getting ready for my trip I actually made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare. This in itself was an issue as I am maybe possibly a bit frightened of the whole flying thing.

HWSNBN gave me a ride to the airport. I wasn’t entirely sure he would as we had just gone back to “lets just be friends” status the night before. (Yes, I’ll blog about it soon.) As we got closer and saw planes in the air he glanced up and said, “Pretty amazing how they stay up there. Think about it. Massive tons of metal…how do they not just fall out of the sky?”

“Ok could you maybe NOT talk about that right before I get on a plane? Not helping the whole CRASH OF DEATH scenario in my head!” I responded while smacking him on the arm. At least this broke some of the tension between us (or at least the tension I was feeling). I said “ciao,” grabbed my suitcase from the trunk and tried to leave MN behind as I walked through the sliding glass doors into the airport.

After eleventyseven hours of waiting at the gate they finally called our flight. I looked out the window at the plane as we all lined up and I am telling you, much panic commenced. I mean this plane was SMALL! It was only 20 little rows! Now I know some of you are thinking “ummm…and that makes a difference how?” All I can say is I don’t know. Safety in numbers? More people to cushion me if we plummet?!

I whipped out my cell and texted furiously:

Me: Ack! Small plane! Ack!
Lynn: Has the flight been delayed?
Me: Does it matter? Would that make the CRASH OF DEATH any different?!
Lynn: LOL you’ll be fine! Get here nowww!

So then I turned off my phone, buckled up (because yeah, THAT will help) and looked for the nearest exit while the flight attendant did her thing. She helpfully reminded us that the nearest exit MAY be behind us. So I checked that out too. Dude next to me was rather entertained by this. I mean people! He did not even have his safety instructions out of the seat pocket! And he’s the dude I have to climb over to escape the blazing inferno after we plummet into the ocean?! Ok, so there isn’t an ocean between MN and OH but I’m just saying.

“Don’t fly much do you?” he asked in a rather amused tone.

“Sir could you maybe keep your voice down? She’s explaining how to use the oxygen masks,” I whispered.

“It’s not even a 2 hour flight. I don’t think we climb high enough for oxygen to be a problem.” He then grinned at me and went back to chomping on a scone and getting crumbs all over the place. Can you imagine? Eating at a time like that?

So as not to keep you in suspense let me just say that we landed safely and such.

And what a reception! Of course I was expecting Lynn to meet me but her husband, son and stepdaughter were there to greet me as well. Her nearly 3 year old son Nick did the shy smile bit and then pointed at me and exclaimed “My Wennie!” Awww. Instant love people. I mean the cuteness was beyond explaining.

Her husband Scott grabbed my suitcase (service!) and we stomped out to the car. Nick kept up a constant babble on the way home. “beeble globbedy My Wennie! Beeble squeak globbedy Helicopper! Gibberdy bleebledy Pider Man!” Ok then. Of course I agreed with him wholeheartedly and by the time we made it to the house he’d learned English…or maybe I was just starting to understand him. I mean this little dude is an advanced specimen of future fabulousness. Oh, and when he grows up he’s going to be spiderman.

Now this blog would become a book if I tried to tell you about the entire weekend but let me break it down as best I can. The characters:

None of this would have happened without our mutual friend Dave. Dave bought my airfare as a Christmas present to Lynn and me. Then to make it even better he drove down from DC (a 7 hour trip!) for the weekend as well. There’s absolutely no way for me to thank this man enough. His generosity is so appreciated by Lynn and me. In fact the only thing that could have made it better would have been if his girlfriend Sarah had made it too. I haven’t seen her since October and I MISS her! Anyways…Love you Dave!

Dave and me ………………………………………Nick, Dave and Lynn

You couldn’t create a better friend if you tried. This woman probably knows more about me than I do. She’s that one friend that you can tell all of your good stuff AND your bad stuff to…and she loves you just the same. She’s been my biggest fan, my strongest support, my voice of reason (y’all know) and a person I know I can rely on 100%. We talk every day and since we can only see each other twice a year we always have something to look forward to. Your turn Lynn! Let the countdown to Lynn’s trip to MN begin!

Smiley Lynn! …………………………………….Still smiley after dealing w/me 4 days!

Wow. I mean really. WOW. This man should be pictured in the dictionary next to the definition of husband. He’s 100% present in the lives of his 3 children. He cooks. He cleans. He’s constantly doing stuff around the house. Before the weekend (which included 20+ people on Friday night for Nick’s birthday party) he painted the upstairs. While I was there he fixed their drier, tore out the tile in the kitchen and put up a new tile backsplash. And to top it all off you should see the way he looks at his wife. He even kisses her every time he leaves the house…even when he’s just running off to do errands! I mean really!

Scott with the kitten. ……………………………….Scott with Nick.

Marc and Renea
Marc and Renea are Scott’s 1st 2 kids. You’d never guess these kids are Lynn’s stepchildren when you see how close they all are. They just seem like full time family. Both of them were so good with Nick. Marc is a mini computer game genius, incredibly polite and co-pilot for dad’s errands. Renea was a RIOT. She’s permanently attached to her cell phone and her ipod. She’s at that age (nearly 13) where her stories are told a mile a minute and oh the drama! She cracked me up huge. She talk/sings along to her ipod and the way she does it is beyond comical. And people…she’s beautiful. She is going to be breaking hearts any day now.

Pretend the pic of Marc turned out and is here. :(
Renea and Lynn

This family is serious about their animals. They have 2 cats and 3 dogs. The newest family member is a tiny kitten named Jade! Gosh where’d she come up with that name? The other cat is Velcro, the beagles are Brutus and Duke and the Puggle is Hotdog.

Observation 1
The level of love, humor and closeness that these people have is difficult to describe. Amidst the chaos of 2 adults that work full time, 3 children and a zoo there is a harmony and sweetness underlying it all. I struggled to put this blog together because I have such a deep respect and admiration for them.

Observation 2
Lynn and Scott were on a quest to make me fat. I lived on amazing cooking (thank you Scott!), a million kinds of chips, cake, cookies and cheezits all weekend. We also went to the Melting Pot for dinner on Saturday (a to-die-for fondue restaurant) where I consumed more calories in one sitting than I normally would in an entire week. I think Lynn now understands that I have zero self control. I never allow that kind of food in my house. People, I never stopped eating. I easily put on 5 pounds. Holy moo.

Observation 3
I am maybe old. I am maybe lucky that I had my child when I was young and had more energy. I had forgotten how demanding a 3 year old can be. Lil dude was on me constantly.
“I am piderman! I am piderman!”

I wrongly replied “mm hmm!” and then watched him turn bright red with frustration.


*panic* Y’all an angry 3 year old is a scary sight to behold!

“Yes! Yes, you are Spiderman!” I responded and then allowed my heart to beat again as he smiled and went back to pushing the button on his talking spider man toy.

I was blasted with bubbles from his bubble gun, forced to watch Spiderman, Cars, The Doodlebops and Potty time with Elmo eleventyseven times. The pony ride I gave him was met with giggles and “Do it aden! Do it aden!” demands. And people the 80 million toys this child got at his birthday party required his parents to dash about replacing batteries (as he is talented at keeping all of the toys running at the same time) on an hourly basis. I was in awe. When do these people breathe?

Oh the cuteness!

All in all it went too fast, as all vacations love to do. On Sunday afternoon Lynn had to take me back to the airport. Little dude gave me a hug and kiss and said “Bye My Wennie!”

I managed not to cry when I hugged Lynn goodbye. At least til I was in the airport. So then you wait another eleventyseven hours for your flight to be called and wouldn’t you know it? Same dude sat next to me on the airplane. I managed to put my safety card back into the seatback before he got to our row.

HWSNBN was waiting for me with a smile and an “it’s good to have you back.”

Friends are a beautiful thing.


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