On and on…and on.

On and on…and on.


Ok.  I was SO going to give you the whole “Empty Nester No More!” story. But that would require transferring pictures to my computer. Which would require finding the little cord transfer thingy for the camera. It’s in a very safe place so that I won’t lose it. Any one else know how that usually turns out?




So. Well I suppose we could just catch up a bit while my brain does it’s little “where the HELL is the cord thingy?” processing bit in the background.


On the business trip: We hit Atlanta, Knoxville, Nashville, Columbus, Indianapolis, Champaign, Chicago and Racine. This trip really requires its own blog. Especially because the Columbus part stretched over a weekend and I got to visit Lynn again! Right. There are pictures to go with that too. Moving on…


On the new job: Can you believe I have already been back working for longer than the amount of time I went without a job!? I know! The Unemployment seemed to last forever! 6 whole weeks without a CAREER. Awful. Hated it. A horrific lapse in shoe shopping funds. But all along you Pollyanna types kept up with your little “this too shall pass,” and “it all happens for a reason,” and “something better is out there,” cheerful sayings and oh how I wanted to type mean things at you… but you were right. Because I LOVE my new job! Truly! It is ever so much more interesting and the pay is great and I can really see myself doing well and growing with the company. So while I haven’t yet hit my stride (and have a long way to go before the boss will be impressed with me), I am happy. I will be the sales diva darling of the company. And many shoe bonuses will commence. And I will stomp up to some future podium and accept my fabulous future award and my old employer will be sitting in the audience just sobbing with the despair and the sadness of losing such a fabulous woman and Johnny Depp himself will escort me from the stage and there will be many pictures to go with that too, so, y’all know, moving on…


On the increase of gas prices now that I commute 45 minutes to the office and 45 minutes home: I mean really. I should just open up a website on gas price predictions. I would be rich. Because the jump in prices magically corresponds to the day that I have to fill up again and then magically drops back down about 5 minutes later. Seriously. I should start snapping photos with before and after pricing. And transfer the photos to my computer with that godforsaken hidden cord. Moving on….


On downsizing: Because it is time to go from Suburban Mama to City Girl! And I have found the perfect little loft (or, you know, 10 of them) that I simply must have. So it’s time to get rid of eleventyseven years worth of stuff in a fabulous sale so that my shoes and I can move into a trendy little condo in the city. And the floral couches are SO not moving with me. I shall have to post photos of the new places.  And sell the current place of course. Eventually. Moving on…(hopefully in the literal sense)


On downsizing in other areas: 4 pounds people. FOUR. It is maybe not pretty. I am not talking about an unnoticeable or gradual spreading out. No. There was maybe a small chocolate donut celebration when I got the new job? And one of my fat cells maybe noticed? And called all its friends? And in the interest of efficiency they apparently decided it would be great to just congregate in one area. MY ASS. That’s right. Junk in the trunk. Baby got back. Eww. Maybe it’s the gravity of sitting on it all day long at a desk? So I shall punish them by putting my new goal weight to 100 rather than 102. But that’s another blog. And may I just say, “Hydroxycut! I love you!” And fat cells? You are SO moving on…


On time management: Leaving the house early and getting home late does not allow for many of the downsizing functions such as organizing or working out or blogging or anything really. I’d blog more about that but I used up all the time to do so while planning how to come up with the time to do so in the first place. So. Moving on.


On being in love with the boss: Whoops! I’m afraid that’s all the time we have for today. Time management issues and such. :)


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