Shake Shake Shake

Shake Shake Shake

Boy. It’s tough work to keep a smile plastered on your face (as versus a plastered smile cause I’m all sober and such, you know?) all day long and to constantly assure everyone that you’re fine! Oh you’re just fine! And when one door closes…a window opens (heh. Thanks Cessie. Using your line has left everyone confused and wondering if they should correct me. They’ve ALL chosen to be kind to the poor jobless girl and not say anything. Oh how I amuse myself…).


So I was kept relatively distracted over the weekend. By relatively I mean my family called constantly. Seriously. Have I mentioned I have the greatest DADDY in the whole world? He gave me more leads and websites to check than I even knew existed. Mom even called Sunday to say she had heard and was sorry. And she NEVER calls me.


HWSNBN was an absolute doll about the whole thing. I haven’t told you guys very much about him (don’t jinx it!), but he’s pretty great. He owns his own company and works harder than anyone I know. The 2 of us talk about work stuff all the time. I didn’t realize how ashamed I was about this whole thing until he said, “Hey did I ever tell you about the time that I was unemployed?” To know that this man (9 years younger. Just sayin.) that I admire so much was in my same situation allowed me to finally breathe.


But then…Monday came. You know that whole “Oh God it’s Monday and I have to go to the office” feeling? Well I’m here to tell you that the “Oh God, it’s Monday and I don’t have an office to go to” feeling is much worse. Truly. Between the resumes sent out over the weekend and the resumes I sent out yesterday the term APPLY YOURSELF took on a whole new meaning.


By the time evening rolled around I was exhausted. But then the cavalry arrived. Oh, and the cavalry was wearing pink…


“Cupcake! Look at you all non businessy in a pony tail. Is this the latest unemployed fashion? It’s cute!” exclaimed Jade as he walked straight from my front door to my bedroom. “Well I won’t keep you long. I know you’re all busy doing that whole melancholy jobless thang. Although if you ask me you should look upon this as a much needed vacation.”


I stood in the doorway to my bedroom watching Jade shift through my shoe boxes. His outfit left me speechless. He looked like he was ready to hit the ski hill as an advertisement for Pepto-Bismol. Pale pink jacket with faux fur fringe and slightly pinker ski pants. He had obviously done his hair as it was even blonder than the last time I saw him and he was sporting a 2 toned pink headband that covered his ears. “Score!” he cried as he emerged from my closet with a box. “Sugar I promise you’ll have these darlings back before you can even miss them. Now that we finally have snow I’ve annoyed Michael into taking me skiing.”


The box he’d selected held a prized possession. My pale pink UGGS. I love those boots and I haven’t even worn them yet. Why a company would name an adorable boot such an UGGly name is beyond me but we unemployed people don’t get such things.


“Jaaaaaaaaade no! I’ll never see them again if you take them and I love those boots! You’ll forget them in the chalet and they’ll be gone!”


“Chalet? Cupcake this is just my outfit for the plane. Michael is taking me to Vail for a few days. These little cuties will be safe in the hotel. Promise. If you need them in the meantime just knit some. You’re like, creative and stuff. And unemployed. Ciao darling! Be well!” he shouted as he dashed out the door.


Knit some? Huh. I checked the yarn stash but alas…no pink. A small collection of blues. Hmmm. Babies deserve fashion too. A certain someone I know is having a boy soon. So off I went. Singing “Shake your booootie” the whole time.

Baby UGG (yeah, I know I need to knit another one)

Bootie scale. Size 6.5 vs baby bootie.

Puss n bootie

There’s a reason her name is Klepto.


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