Who knew?

Who knew?

It was a typical Sunday afternoon. I was reading a good book and just generally being as lazy as possible. I started to drift off into the napzone when a giggle from the other room interrupted me. This would not have been sufficient enough for investigation, but the giggle was followed by outright laughter and “oh my god’s” and “oh that’s so meeeee” comments. There is absolutely no sound more beautiful than my daughter’s laugh. This was worth getting up for. I figured if I snuck up on her I could find out the source of her amusement and use it to my advantage in the future.

She was planted on the couch with her iBook. No doubt cruising profiles on MySpace or reading something someone had posted on hers. Whatever it was, it had tears cruising down her face as she laughed. She saw me coming before I could spy.

“Mom. OH. MY. GOD. This is so funny. It’s funny enough that I don’t even care that some of it’s about me, because, well, it’s also true.”

I peered over her shoulder in amazement. She was reading my blog! I had invited her as a friend a long time ago, but I never thought she’d actually go to my site. After all, to a teenager 360 is more of an old person’s my space wannabe.

She read all of them! Do you know what this means?!? That’s right! A new way to reach my child! I can craftily work fabulous mom to child advice into my blogs. I can lecture and advise within the guise of bloggery. Oh the possibilities! The worldly advice I can impart! My child is In the Audience!

Let the motherly advice commence:


Remember that beginnings are good to hold on to…


Always save room for dessert.


Don’t be afraid to demand “you” time.


Look the world in the face! Especially when mom’s by your side.


Save money so you can ship yourself off someplace wonderful at least once a year.


Have someone hold your hand as you walk towards new experiences (moms are always a good choice).


Never be too busy to celebrate.


Always be kind to animals.


Learn from your mom’s mistakes. Drinking can lead to scary situations (and hairstyles). For those who keep asking, yes this is a SHARK.


Be willing to burst into song if the mood strikes you.


As the song says…I hope you’ll dance!


Always believe in yourself and what you can accomplish. Always. I am SO proud of you!


Be the beauty queen you are, and never be afraid to have an attitude!

I love you. You’re still grounded for heading off to college, but I love you. You will forever be my little girl despite how old you are. You always have a home to come to, no matter how far away life takes you.



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