♫ Back to life, back to reality ♫

♫ Back to life, back to reality ♫


1. What is this kitchen room used for again?

2. Remember the weight I lost before we left? Don’t panic! I found it in Hawaii.

3. Homeland security managed to miss the little gecko hiding in our suitcase. Home security (AKA the cats) located it right away. RIP lil guy.

4. “Look at me, I’m covered in sand!” has now been replaced with, “Look at me, I’m covered in dog hair!”

5. Regarding #4 above: this was said to my animals. My husband has abandoned me for the office.

6. Who are all these people emailing me and wanting me to do work stuff?

7. Tuesday mornings on vacation: coffee while admiring the ocean. Tuesday mornings at home: coffee followed by a 20 minute mission to pry up all of the frozen poop from the dog run. It’s a glamorous life folks.

8. My most difficult decision the last couple weeks was choosing which of my 3 bikinis to wear for the day. Now I have to pick out entire outfits. And match and such.

9. Turns out this house does NOT have room service. I dialed 8 and nothing happened.

10. Whales and sea turtles have been replaced with dogs and cats. And as it happens, I’m perfectly fine with that. It was an amazing trip, but I’m happy to be home  :)


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