Grand Opening!

Grand Opening!


So I’m thinking there should probably be some sort of Grand Opening type blog seeing as how it’s been 7 years since the old blog and such? I mean it’s not like a whole lot has changed in that time. Lessee here, what is there to even say about that…

Oh yes. My grandson was born (he’s now 6):

jaden kindergarten

I went back to school and finally finished my bachelors degree (that’s my dear Gram with me. Sadly, she passed away this last year):


HWSNBN proposed and shall forever on be known as Shawn:


We adopted 2 adorable dogs:


I temporarily lost my mind and went brunette:


We accidentally bought a house in Colorado:

colo house

We began our new life in a very small mountain town in CO:

colo small town

My very bestest, most favorite friend Krista agreed to be my Maid of Honor (she also happens to be my daughter):


Shawn and I actually got married:


We honeymooned in Ireland:


And most recently I turned my back on corporate America to become a personal trainer again. So just the same old same old, you know?

How’ve you been?

It’s not that I’ve completely stopped writing. A few things have snuck out in the form of lists on Facebook and those have been added to the blog if you’d like to take a look. Most of the old blogs are on the new site as well, but pay no attention to the order that they are (not) in, K? Oh! And please be sure to become a fan of Just Send Shoes on Facebook and Twitter so that we can connect there as well. And invite your friends! I need people to like me. OMG LIKE ME. See? I haven’t changed all that much ;)

But really. It’s time to write again. I’ve missed it, and I’ve missed having all of you to interact with through comments and messages. With so much time since the old blog I just didn’t know how to even start up again, but thanks to my amazing friend Matt Yonan (web man extraordinaire, crazy good with design, content, and high-tech fabulousness**), we now have this site where we can reconnect.

Thanks for coming by, and please…JUST SEND SHOES.


**I would like nothing more than to repay Matt for all of his help by referring new customers his way. If you or your company or your neighbor or that guy you used to like back in the day that you still stalk on Facebook are in need of any technical website assistance or design, I’d be happy to put you in touch with him**


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