So this happened…

So this happened…


The scene:
A busy gas station somewhere in Colorado

The cast:
Him: 20 something guy in ripped up jeans and a tank top. He’s driving a pickup covered in NRA bumper stickers and anti-everything-else sentiments.

Her: You don’t need her age, what’s the matter with you? She’s wearing a black vintage style dress with a sassy pair of patent leather shoes. Her makeup is 50s style bright red lipstick, and her eyeliner ever so slightly cats at the edge.

Annnnnnnnnd action!

Our heroine (that’s me, k? Hi!) is minding her own business at the gas pump, when she suddenly realizes that she knows every single muzak song. Isn’t muzak supposed to be old people music? OMG what does this mean? She snaps out of this troubling thought by looking around. This is when she notices that the 20 something kid is flat out staring her down.


Her: Awkward smile and turn away.


Her: Awkwardly fidgeting.

Then our heroine gracefully walks into the station (tripped twice) and patiently awaits her turn for the cashier by doing something highly technical and smart on her cell phone (okay fine, it was candy crush).

Him, suddenly right in front of her, standing way too close: “Hey. You’re one of them Amish people aren’t you?”

Her: *long awkward are you serious dude type pause* “Oh my gosh. What gave it away?”

Him:*smug look* “I watch a lot of TV.”

Yep. That happened. Your future leaders, folks. If you need me, I’ll be off in search of a new bonnet and a horse.


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