Trippin with the girls!

Trippin with the girls!


So here’s the thing. Tomorrow is a big day for me. Tomorrow I hop a plane to go visit my friend, Lynn. I have been counting down the days to this vacation FOREVER. I am just about sick with excitement!

So I should be doing my trip thing. This could also maybe be called “freaking out “or possibly “Wendy and the Weirdness.” It’s just What I Do when I leave town. The house must be absolutely perfect because, you know, I could CRASH and maybe DIE and do I really want people’s last thoughts of me to be tainted with visions of me as a bad housekeeper? No.

So you know you clean and organize a room at a time and before you know it hours have gone past and you have accomplished NOTHING besides organizing your yarn collection by weight and color. (well no, not me of course, just maybe something that someone would waste time doing, you know?) So then you scream STOP THE MADNESS all Fibi from Friends style and you get back to the laundry and such. As you’re doing this you reflect on other trips with your girls and before you know it the living room is covered in photos (which should also probably be organized in the event of the CRASH OF DEATH) and you opt to scan and blog rather than do a thing to prepare for your trip.

My first female travel companion was maybe not human. Poncho and I used to travel the parade circuit during high school:
Me n my sweet Poncho (also note the early years were just poor for earring choices)

Trippin with my best girl:

Disney with my daughter Krista when she was all little.

We also traveled to Japan for my brother’s wedding:
Mom, Krista, Me and my brother.

For old times sake we cruised back down to Florida but rather than hit Disney we hit the beach:

Krista and I being beach bums now that she’s NOT all little.

My friend Jen and I took an amazing vacation “Up North” dontcha know.
Heh. Remember when jeans actually went to our waists?

And since that trip was all healthy and stuff we made up for it with a trip to Cancun. Most of these photos could NOT be displayed (I was maybe still drinking during those days) but here’s a few.

Jen not only did shots that night but awoke the next day feeling like she had been.

Isla Mujeres had cats EVERYWHERE. I call this one Bad hair and El Gato Pedro.

The Mayan ruins and beaches we saw were so beautiful.

As I was saying, we appreciated the scenery.

*sensored cancun photo* Oh look at me there…muahahahaha


The club we went to down in Ft. Meyers was so much fun.

Oh the memories. Also as you can see I hadn’t yet realized tanning was unhealthy.

This guy didn’t bother with a pick-up line. He just…picked me up.

Portland Oregon business trip

Such a fun group! I was a director of an LA Weight Loss center a few years back and this was taken during a business trip out in Portland.

Bayfront Bluesfest:

This doesn’t fit the category as well since my girls aren’t in the shot but the photo cracked me up so i thought i’d share. That’s my buddy Al looking all Manson in the back of me. God only knows whatever happened to him but his daughter was a good friend year’s back.

Hippie me and Papa Al.

And finally…the grand finale. The purpose of the crazy behavior around this house, my  friend Lynn in a truly awful photo of the both of us when she flew out to see me in October

Lynn sugar I’ll see you tomorrow! I can’t talk now…hafta go pack and clean and ummm…sort my sock drawer and such. MMMMMWAH.


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