Bright side?

Bright side?


While frolicking in the Hawaiian sun, one is advised to be sure to wear sunscreen. A waterproof 35 is an impenetrable force. Be further advised, however, that there is a big difference between a 35 and a 30. I have done this research for you. You’re welcome. And when every move causes one to squeak in pain, it can become necessary to look on the bright side of life. 

1. There is no longer any concern that a flash of my ever so white skin will cause ships to come into shore at the wrong place.

2. I can now walk naked down the streets! People will just think I have a bright white bikini on.

3. There is zero chance we’ll be on a beach today. Wendy = 1! Sharks = 0!

4. Freckles. I look forward to a rigorous game of connect the dots with the husband once I allow him to come within 10 feet of me again.

5. I still have enough vacation time to recover, peel and burn again!


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