Fess up

Fess up


A dear friend had a post this morning about confession being good for the soul. Well okay.

1. I roll my eyes when people post what color their aura is or what kind of car they are- but then by the end of the day I take the quiz too. How can I go on if I don’t know what kind of car I am?

2. I just had a Super Important and Ever So Professional conference call this morning while sitting on my couch in my jammies.

3. All 5 of our pets have their own unique voices – performed by me. This may explain why I didn’t marry until my 40s…

4. People think I’m some sort of super active exercise freak, but the truth is that I only teach because it means I HAVE to go to the gym. The 200 mile bike ride I’m committed to going on? That’s still an accident.

5. Some folks are freaked out about the Mountain Lions seen across town these last few weeks but I’ve already named them.

6. I despise Candy Crush. I’m gonna prove it by destroying this next level.

7. I praise my husband if he unloads the dishwasher, but then I am compelled to open every cupboard and make sure everything is Where It Belongs.

8. In my super secret imaginary life I have eleventy-seven pets and I make my living as a writer. Oh, and cupcakes lead to weight loss.

9. It’s common knowledge that I can’t keep plants alive, but I once killed a fake fern by catching it in the vacuum. That’s talent.

10. They say the best defense against naughty food is to get it out of the house. I typically accomplish this by eating it all at once.


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